Craps Best Strategy - The Wrong Way!

As a fan of Craps, or a person who has wanted to bet on Craps but were too intimidated, read on to put your fears at ease when it comes to playing Craps. Playing craps isn't so intimidating when you understand the clear and concise strategies behind everything that's happening (at a fast pace) on the craps table during play.

Continue now to see how simple winning Craps money really is.

In the beginning, there appears to be so much to learn and understand. But, after you have come to understand the myriad of bets available on the Craps table, their meaning, and how to make them, you will soon realize that the majority (eighty percent) of the craps table should and can be avoided. You will also learn that there are only two basic, general approaches to playing Craps.

They are the "Right Way" and the "Wrong Way".

There is a tiny minority of Craps players that know how to do it Right - by playing the Wrong way! Only they understand how to get the odds on their side. They have learned how to place bets which make them the Favorite to win and not the Favorite to Lose. They have learned how to make the house advantage work for them instead of against them.

They are courageous bettors. They are masters of patience and discipline. These Wrong bettors know how to win money at Craps on a consistent basis. They also realize that they are playing Craps to win money, not friends.

Regardless of the fact that they are betting correct plays over and over, they are known as "Wrong Bettors".

The "normal" strategies for playing Craps is "Right" betting, and the others are "Wrong" - yet the "Wrong" Bettors are winning money - consistently! If you haven't seen it yet, become a Wrong Bettor and see how suddenly there are copycats at your table - mimicing your bets!

"Wrong Bettors" place bets that are with the house and against the shooters. However who wants to do that? "Wrong Bettors" are disliked and shunned by the "right" players at the table. However the Wrong Bettors are winning money - consistently.

Do you have what it takes to be a "Wrong Bettor"?

You'll have to withstand the staring from the other players. You'll have to play craps and not make verbal outbursts or cheers. However, there is ONE bet when you can cheer, when you and the "Right Bettors" have the same bet - the come-out roll! (IF you have some "don't bets" established).

There are many Sucker bets on the Craps tables, You must ignore them at all costs. Bet on ONLY the recognized, rock solid Money-making bets. The differences are sometimes obvious and sometimes subtle. For instance, if the dealers are "pushing the bets" (trying to get you to bet on them), you can surely bet it's NOT a safe bet! They generate a lot of money for their casinos doing that.

Do you know how to make bets against the shooters?

I suggest you never do that, but let the shooter do it for you - simply bet the "don't come".

Do you know the best way to choose a Casino? ... a table? ... a position at the table?

The answers are in the odds that the casino (and the table) offer. You'll find single odds, double odds, 5x odds, 10x odds and so forth. Depending upon your bankroll, you should take advantage of these higher odds whenever you can. Selecting a table is an art by itself. As a Wrong Bettor, you want a hot table that's about to turn cold. And it will sooner or later. As for position at the table, place yourself as close to the dealer as you can because you're going to be using the "don't come" spot very often, and the dealer is standing right over it.

Do you know the secrets of when and where to place your bets on the table?

Eliminate 80% of the table - No field, no hard-ways, no center area bets period.

Do you understand Why you need to learn to bet "Wrong"?

The simple reason is because you then become a favorite to win!

Do you know when and more importantly why to stop betting?

This is the answer to your dreams. This is what separates the guessers from the knowledgeable players. You must start with a bankroll, you must bet only one session's allotment, you must never bet the "rent money", and you must know when to stop betting and simply wait for the win.

Stop-Loss strategies will make the difference between a loser and a winner.
Do you know which players to play against and who to skip - and do you know why?

There are lucky players who once in a great while beat the odds by rolling a monster hand. You should be making your bets in a way so that that player cannot take your money. You must not "chase" them either.

Do you understand the odds of throwing a particular number?

Find a chart with all the dice combinations, and then you'll soon see why Wrong betting is Right!

Once you learn the appropriate Wrong Bettors' Strategies, and with developing patience and discipline, you will be well on your way to becoming a "Wrong Bettor" and you'll be Winning Craps Money - Consistently!
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